Pete Jean

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Currently in the band

Pete grew up in Hungary and learned guitar from age 11, but discovered his true calling and passion as a drummer aged 14.  He gained live and studio experience in Hungary before moving to London aged 22. He formed the band ‘Wasted Sinners’ with a close friend from Hungary, began playing the circuit with them, and picked up session and depping work.   In October 2013, he visited Metalworks and started to attend every Sunday, jumping up to play a few songs when Steff invited him. Early in 2014, Steff asked him to be their permanent drummer. He jumped at the chance and said “For the first time in my life I felt like I was at the right place at the right time. I am now playing on a stage keeping rhythm for musicians from bands such as Uriah Heep and Judas Priest every Sunday. “

In 2014, ‘KilliT’ was born with fellow p/t Metalworkers Niro Knox and Geos Letona.  The band have very quickly made a name for themselves. In the summer of 2016, Pete joined Steve Steinman’s musical theatre show ‘Vampires Rock’ and has been touring the UK since October, fitting in Metalworks where he can.

Bands involved with:

Killit | Toxic Twins | Vampires Rock | Wasted Sinners